Problem Statement
The vision of the NHS Apps and Wearables programme was to provide a list of NHS certified Applications and Wearables to the public via an NHS Apps Library in order to encourage patient-led care and introduce a standard across digital health tools. My specific role within the programme was to define the programme processes and operating model, considering both business needs and user needs.

Business Analysis and Service Design
Key Contributions
Document the as-is business processes and user journeys.

Determine the to-be operating model in preparation for hand-over to Live Service Operations once the programme goes Live.

Determine the to-be user journeys.

Act as a stakeholder for the development team, assisting in the prioritisation of their backlog in order to ensure the user journeys and target operating model are satisfied.
Produce artefacts to support the Assessor User Journey.
Research Methods
Interviews were conducted with both stakeholders across the programme and users in order to ensure the operating model met the the needs of both parties. The information collected from these interviews was analysed and used to develop personas and user journeys in order to support development of the target operating model.